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What The Heck Is Craniosacral Therapy

  What the Heck is Craniosacral Therapy???   Often clients who have had pain and disability and have not found traditional methods of medicine or physical therapy helpful have found themselves on my table amazed that so little can do so much. Migraine headaches that would not go away evaporate, pain in the back, neck

What Happens When You Are Last On The List???

How many times have I heard “I would like to take care of myself but __________” I can fill in that blank with so many reasons inclusive of I don’t have time My children need me I do a lot of volunteer work I have way too many things to do My parents need so

Constellation workshop

We are so excited to sponsor a workshop taught by Leah Matalon.  Constellations help us to understand and heal our family dynamic.  A great workshop taught in a new way.  Heal yourself and your family!!!!  Click here for information

Welcome To Pelletier Physical Therapy!

Welcome to Pelletier Physical Therapy! We are excited about the launch of our new website as it not only gives everyone a complete understanding of all the services we provide but it also makes things easier for our clients to navigate and find information they need. From requesting an appointment right online, to a comprehensive

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