I have deep and joyous healing through physical and emotional gifted touch. I am so grateful for the special people in this sanctuary of healing.


Thank you for sharing your gifts with the world. I have the upmost gratitude for your work and I am so glad that we were introduced. I love having the chance to see all the colors with your help.


Thank you for helping me to learn what true healing is all about.


I can’t begin to express my deep gratitude and appreciation for all you have done to help me heal. You have helped in ways no other PT has ever been able to. You will forever by my favorite practitioner. You are a true gift.


I don’t know what I would do without the three of the therapists at Pelletier PT. I tell all my friends to see you. You are the best of the best!


Amazing healing, at Pelletier PT, is the best way to go!!


If it wasn’t for insurance putting limits on the number of sessions, I’d be here at least 3 times a week. Oh well! I’ll take everything I can as this practice gives heavenly care to my poor ol’ body. Everyone enjoys coming here. It helps your body, mind and spirit!!


I would recommend Pelletier PT in a heartbeat! They have healing powers like no other. They not only make you feel better medically, but they fill your being with goodness. I can’t say enough good things about cranio-sacral therapy. It has healed many parts of my body and put me back together again. I don’t know what I would do without this practice.


Kim, Vera and Kevin all have amazing, unique talent. I look forward to my appointment every week so much. The good spirit and vibe throughout the office creates an exceptional experience. I would recommend any of the three of them. Thank you for your time and expertise! 


Yes, I was skeptical. There are no drugs or any invasive procedures involved. But, traditional medical treatment was failing. My traumatic brain injury was no the mast of my life. And for 20 years the injury was having a greater influence on my daily life.

CranioSacral Therapy in the hand of Kim has given me more significant improvements than I would have believed possible. The constant imbalance of muscle forces between the left side and right side of my body slowly disappeared. The sense of neurological chaos where my feet and hands seemed to not know where to be at any given moment melted away with the feeling of calmness. Without medication, hypnosis, surgery or any other procedure I have been able to now walk and move my hands with a refined control that had but disappeared for 20 years.

The sensory realignment and the establishing of a sense of balance have also given me a comfort level that being around others is now much less awkward. Previous coarse body movements are now reduced to normal smooth movement that is without struggle. Getting up from  a chair or taking the first step to go to another place are done without obvious effort.

I have to learn that the “fix” is not yet permanent. But as the brain and body get back to working together wtih calmness and balance I will smile much more and know that there is finally, a very effective tool for my recovery. In the hands of Kim that tool is smoothing out my daily life by giving back parts of me that have disappeared long ago.

Although I will never go back to piloting helicopters or shooting motion pictures I do know my horizons have widened. Happiness speaks for itself.

David TelaClient

I have had TMJ for decades. It caused my jaw to lock, headaches and neck problems. I saw several dentists and the solution was mouth gear which I could get by seeing a specialist. My story has a good ending! I have been seeing Kimberly Meyer-Pelletier PT for CranialSacral work on my back and neck. She had the skill to realize I also needed mouth work.

I no longer have my jaw lock or the pain. If I have dental procedures that needs to be done, I always see her before or after. I now know if my jaw seems tight that I need a CranialSacral appointment. I am thrilled  to have found a natural and holistic way to treat my TMJ. A very special thank to Kim.

Cheryl GogelTMJ Client

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